Battle Goals are cards drawn at the start of a scenario, representing targets needed to be achieved in a scenario by a character.

Rule summary

Each character draw 2 cards at the start of a scenario, from which he chooses one and discards the other. Each player keeps his character's Battle Goal secret from other members of the party.

The accomplishment of the selected goal allows the character to register a check at the end of the scenario.


Card Id Goal name Target Reward
458 Streamliner Have five or more total cards in your hand and discard at the end of the Scenario.
Scrambler Take only Short rests during the Scenarios
Fast Healer Your current hit point value must be equal to your maximum hit point value at the end of the scenario.
Indigent Loot no money tokens or treasure overlay titles during this scenario. ✓✓
Purist Using no items during the scenario. ✓✓
Neutralizer Cause a trap to be strung or disarmed on your turn or on the turn of one of your summons during the scenario.
Sadist Kill five or more monsters during this scenario.
Straggler Take only long rests during this scenario.
Hunter Kill one or more elite monsters during the scenario.
Pacifist Kill three or less monsters during the scenario.
Dynamo Kill a monster during the scenario by causing at least 4 more points of damage to it more than necessary.
Professional Use your equipped items a number of times equal to greater than your (level + 2) during the scenario.
Explorer Reveal a room tile by opening a door on your turn during the scenario.
Executioner Kill an undamaged monster with a single attack during the scenario.
Protector Allow none of your character allies to become exhausted during the scenario.
Hoarder Loot five or more money tokens during the scenario.
Zealot Have three or fewer total cards in your hand and discard at the end of the scenario.
Masochist Your current hit point values must be equal or less than 2 at the end of the scenario.
Diehard Never allow your current hit point value to drop below half your maximum hit point value (rounded up) during the scenario.
Layabout Gain 7 or fewer experience points during the scenario. ✓✓
Plunderer Loot a treasure overlay tile during the scenario.
Aggressor Have or more monsters present on the map at the beginning of every round during this scenario. ✓✓
Opener Be the first to kill a monster during the scenario.
Workhorse Gaine 13 or more Experience points during this Scenario.

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