This scenario is part of the Jekserah storyline.

Flavor text (Introduction)

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"You reach out to some of your contacts concerning Jekserah’s location and end up with an odd bit of information from the Sanctuary of the Great Oak. They say there is a temple high in the Watcher Mountains dedicated to some unseen force that can answer any questions asked of it. Visitors must survive the journey and the trials that await inside the temple first, however.

It is a tradition among the order of the Great Oak to send its members on a pilgrimage to this temple, where, faced with the prospect of any knowledge they desire, they decline to ask a question, putting all their trust in the Great Oak instead. The Sanctuary provides you with some basic directions, and your head off.

While your path is clear, the way is anything but easy. You risk falling to your death numerous times as you scale the cliff up to the temple. Braving the harsh winds and loose rocks, you finally reach the top and head through the threshold into a large, open foyer.

“I am afraid I cannot accept visitors at this time,” a disembodied voice booms through the room. “Please come back in twelve years. I may be able to accommodate you then.”

Before you can object, a group of massive stone constructs materializes before you.

“I know, I know,” the voice says. “You have questions, I have answers. Unfortunately, if you don’t leave now, you won’t have a head to ask the questions in the first place.”

You ready your weapons. There’s no way you’re going to climb back down that cliff with nothing to show for it.

Gameplay Details


Kill all enemies.

Monsters met

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